What is a Hydroxyl?

Could water be turned into fuel?  Yes, by separating hydrogen from H2O, you can make a burnable fuel.  So, could simple H2O water vapor be turning into a sanitizing product?  Water is a miracle compound that can do more than make things wet.  By adding an extra oxygen atom to H2O, we will make H2O2 or hydrogen peroxide which is an effective sanitizing product.

Hydroxyls (aka HO•) are naturally occurring molecules composed of the same ingredients as ordinary water. As you know, water is the common ingredient in almost all cleaning products.  But power of water is changed by adding or substracting substance to make the liquid work as we require.  Add soap or surfactants to water is used to "make water wetter".  Soap actually breaks surface tension, but soapy water is "modified water".

They are created in our atmosphere whenever the sun’s ultraviolet rays react with water vapor in the air, which helps clean and sanitize our world.

Hydroxyl generators mimic what happens in nature, but concentrates this very-safe process into rooms, homes, offices, stores, or schools.  By placing hydroxyl generators in strategic areas, we create a safe-zone where odors, germs, and toxins are displaced or destroyed.

While huydroxyl generators have been around for years and have the EPA registration as a sanitizing system, they have been badly ignored as sanitizing was the job of the cleaning service.  We now know that cleaning and hand-santizing is good but no nearly enough.

In the face of an infectious threat, the best defense is to increase the frequency of the sanitizing effort.  Hand sanitizing several times a day is expensive in manhour commitments.  As sanitizing frequency is now ultra-important, why not increase the process to 24 times a day and the hydroxyl generators treat and sanitzing the air every hour of the day?

We offer the purchase or renting of the hydroxyl generators.  Installation is as simple as plugging the unit into an electrical outlet.  Turn it on, and let it run non-stop.  The hydroxyl systems have no odor and health concerns.  They will constantly sanitize and refresh the air in the building making your facility the "Safest Place in Town."